Road trip to Netherlands..

30ºC Outside & -4ºC Inside.

Perfect for a shred and sunbathing!

We went to the biggest indoor slope in the world.

Snowworld – Landgraaf!!!

There was 14 people (The Cas Crew) in total who road tripped it to Netherlands at the weekend, 9 of us hired a mini bus.

The trip to Landgraaf (Netherlands) was long, tiring but and experience id do again and again.

we sent off at 1am and arrived at Landgraaf at 19:30. We did stop off in Belgium for a skate in Oostende.



Oostende Skate Bowl.


Road trip crew.

we finally made it to Landgraaf, half of us were staying in a campsite and some were staying in the hotel attached to SnowWorld. I was staying in the campsite just outside of Landgraaf. The place was easy/ relaxing and even had a pool. although wasn’t deep was perfect for a mess around and a dip. Even did breakfast at 6€ was quite a lot of food.


Beautiful weather! As I’m ginger I will be spending my time on the slope in the snow!


I loved every bit of it, even meet some new friends (the Hemal Crew),

At the moment it is 29€ for an 8hour pass including an all you can eat BBQ!! amazing deal cheaper than anywhere in the UK. We rode for 2 full days doing laps in the freestyle park and down the terrain side. I learnt my first Backside 360 this weekend and improved my switch riding.

(I ride a Salomon Gypsy 2014/2015 model Love this board! ill do a blog about it sometime.)


Indoor chair lift photos with my beloved boyfriend.


The new Minion Snowboarding Goggles!

Snowworld – Landgraaf we will be back for a summer shred next year in the mean time.



Lola & Mojo

Funky Pillows for the sofa

Me and my partner moved into our home in April 2015 and ive being meaning to make these for the sofa

Finally got round to doing it.

What do you think?


I did get a helping hand from Mojo.


Lola & Mojo

Just Little bo peep and her flock of sheep

Back in May, one of my best friends had her Hen Party.

The Theme – Little Bo Peep and her Sheep!

Oh dear, but what a party we had.

We booked a cottage out in Halifax, with a swimming pool, sauna, games room and sleeps 16 people. The name of the house is Stoney Brow house –

The house was creepy but it was unique and had history to it, although it needs some TLC, it was still lovely inside. Just mind the stairs there a little steep and spirally. (if that is a word). There is a games room, swimming pool, Sauna room, gym, a huge living room with a bar, a kitchen/ seating area leading onto the patio which you could have a fire pit/ BBQ. For the money we paid for the weekend away it was such a bargain.

In the main bed room there was 2 single beds and a King poster bed, the Hen had the king and myself and another best friend had the single.

pic2The house was booked for 3 nights but I only stayed for 2 due to work. on the first night we had food, chilled went into the pool and had a couple of drinks/ shots and an early-ish night. The Hen (Toni P), myself and our friend (Toni B) were taking part in Pretty Mudder (Race for life) as part as the day activities as the Hen wanted to do this and we supported her and took part. Some of the other ladies decided to go shopping instead of competing.

we completed the 5K obstacle run. even had a mud fight 🙂

For the main night out we were all to dress up and the bride to be was Little Bo peep and the rest of the girls were dressing up as sheep, something different and unusual. some people opted for sheep onesies, I decided to make a sheep skirt and get some sheep ears, sheep nose/ a tail and a white top. I cant deal with heat in clubs/ pubs and knew I would probably collapse if I wore a onesie.


Little Bo Peep and two of her many sheep.

We look really young here but we are 26 years old.


For my costume I created the skirt, it is made out of a hessian type of fabric but it doesn’t itch, also had pockets in which was idea for my sheep button which I could press and it barrrrrrrd at everyone. the fastening is standard zip and button.

It was a brilliant night and we got back to the cottage at 5am.


Lola & Mojo

Making friends get there pale legs out – skirt

One of my best friends moved away to work for a toy company, she’s a packaging/ toy designer. She comes home every few weeks to see all of us. Back in June we went to a festival and asked to borrow some money as I was a little short due to just starting a new job after being released from my previous job after 2 years of working for them :(.

My best friend said instead of paying her back she requested I make her a made to fit skirt and we would call it quits on what I owe her.

Searching through my piles of fabric, sending her pictures of which ones she might like we found one perfect for her!


My best friend wanted the skirt to be high waist with pockets, zip and button fastening. Needed to be suitable for work/ casual going out, with a little flare as she doesn’t want it to unflattering around the middle area. Even though she’s as skinny as me and has a gorgeous figure.


Once I had finished the skirt i sent my friend the three picture of me in me red top (Work top for Arthrex Ltd – Orthopedic).

My bestie was home for a Disney themed birthday party in August (blog to come) and I wanted to get it done for then.


It fitted her perfect and she looks pretty in it!

Thanks for reading


Lola & Mojo

Weekend morning are best…. lets be lazy like a cat

Weekend mornings wouldn’t be complete with out this little fella coming for a cuddle, specially when he’s being doing the night shift paroling the grounds outside…


Just a morning Mojo cuddle.

Nothing changes, my feature picture is Mojo and me 4 years ago in October.


Lola & Mojo

Don’t be in stitches by my pale legs – circle skirt

Over the summer I have created a few skirts.

This is one of my favourites.IMG_20150424_182522This is a full circle skirt, made from upholstery fabric (brilliant fabric for stiffer style in skirts – Don’t be afraid in using different fabrics) and I love the paisley pattern. I didn’t follow any pattern I measured my own waist to create the waist belt with an interface lining, button & zip fastening.

Excuse my pale legs.

Made to fit items, if anyone would like something making 🙂

Hope you like it!


Lola & Mojo

There’s going to be a baby!

Baby Brain…

In a few weeks time one of my best friends shall be having a baby, she’s the first in our little group and none of us know what she’s having!

So we surprised her with a little baby shower in July (courtesy of one of the other besties organising it), we played games and ate lots of yummy goodies. It was lovely to see her smiling.

My gift –

I pulled together a little hamper full of goodies for her and her hubby, this included baby wipes, new-born baby grows with little dogs on them, 6 month+ top with sharks on it and a little jelly cat rabbit teddy (my favourite teddies so soft and cute!). Here is the finished hamper, nothing fancy but made with love.


I had one last little gift, it was a plain beige little hat and mitten set but want jazz them up. In my bedroom sewing studio I have lots of different fabric and I had one perfect for this gift. it was owlies!

As we don’t know whether it is a girl or a boy most the stuff I brought was boyish so I made this. Hand stitching the flowers and owls on took me a few hours in an evening but it was worth it.


The mummy to be liked everyone’s gifts, she didn’t expect anything and got loads of goodies from us all!

Not long until with meet the little bean!


Lola & Mojo

Exploring the world together.